Latest News June 2018…….

Bookham Community Association organised a fantastic Village Day which we thoroughly enjoyed. There were a few ‘hold your breath’ moments when Kai the falcon was mobbed by a couple of indignant local crows which spooked him a little, but bless him, he flew back to Barry and the lure and landed safely and all was well.

Terry Buckman has generously let us use some of the beautiful photos he took on our website, thank you Terry!

Thank you to Connie Smith for taking some lovely photos too, here’s one of hers of Pip our Barn Owl
Connies photo of Pip 1

Saturday 16th June – Bookham Village Day

The birds will be on static display throughout the day, come along and see them and chat to find out more about these beautiful birds. Barry will be doing two commentated flying displays in the main arena, check out for more details of a host of attractions and events going on throughout the day.

Last month’s archive…

Now on to this week – we will be busy on Tuesday 22nd visiting Bentley Copse, Cranleigh to educate/entertain 100 Yr 6 pupils with the birds and are praying that we don’t have the rain/thunder that keeps flashing up on the weather forecast.

Saturday and Sunday see Barry and his daughter Willow with the birds at Hobbledown, Epsom, and Bank Holiday Monday we shall be at Cheam.

Pip and Bonnie the Owlets are doing famously well, eating us out of house and home, not to mention covering every surface with fluff and down that they’re discarding to make way for their beautiful adult plummage. They’re such great entertainment with their quirky habits and learning about all sorts of new sounds and sights. Bonnie the Tawny is now ‘grown up’ enough to have some lovely playtime during the day in the aviary where there’s a wonderful selection of perches and shelves for him/her to fly to and from, getting some exercise and developing whilst enjoying the view. We still haven’t determined if Bonnie is a he or a she, time will tell! Bonnie may have to become a ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie, or just a Bonnie wee Boy! But since he/she’s learnt his/her name, we can’t really change it now. She/he is happily sitting on the glove for food, is very gentle with beak and feet and will nibble at hair or earlobe if allowed.

Pip the Barn Owl is catching on quickly and almost ready to start branching out and the plummage is looking like she’s probably a girl. Won’t be long before she is in the aviary too enjoying an idyllic ‘childhood’ of attention, love, food, and with a bit of freedom to spread her wings.

We’re hoping Connie, a Henfold Birds of Prey volunteer who’s been on maternity leave, will be joining us for a visit tomorrow evening along with her new camera – we’re relying on her to take some smashing shots that we can post up on here later in the week. No pressure Connie!!

Cowpie report:

Sunday 13th May Cowpie Rally

The Cowpie was such a fantastic event, so well organised, well done to the YFC and their team of organisers. The weather on Saturday was against them but they pulled it off and Sunday was just the ticket!

The weather was kind, the birds flew so well, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, hope you all did too. It was lovely to talk to so many people who were interested in the birds and what we do. Its always a privilege to talk about something you love passionately to people who are genuinely interested and help them gain an insight into the fascinating world of falconry. We never tire of talking ‘birds’, so please, if in doubt, just ask!

Last week

Well, we’ve been to set up on Saturday afternoon and the showground is looking good. We know it’s been raining pretty much all day but the ground underfoot is still, in racing speak,’good to firm’, so we are looking forward to a great day. Just in case the sun makes a strong appearance, we’ve put up plenty of shade for the birds which also acts as an umbrella in case it rains so we can keep the birds dry for their flying displays. A wet bird just won’t want to fly! So fingers crossed, the weather will be kind and we can show these beautiful birds doing what they do best.

Bonnie the Tawny Owl chick has discovered her wings and at 6 weeks old is rapidly growing older and wiser. Pip the Barn Owl is a slower maturing species (and still pretty ugly!) but will be joining in and getting used to the sights and sounds of a day with us at the show.

Sunday 6th May South East Shire Horse Association Show – Blindley Heath

Wow! What a scorcher – hope you are all enjoying a blazing Bank Holiday Weekend.

Well, today was a bit of a hot one – lots of parasols required to give the birds some shade. We seem to have gone from Wintery/wet weather last week to a full on Summer this weekend, tricky for the birds, trying to keep their weights right for flying. Delboy the Harris Hawk strutted his stuff, then Ted the Peregrine/Saker proved a point by not being hungry enough to focus on the lure, but enjoying the lovely warm thermals enough for an ‘Up, up and away’ into the distance! As per normal, he was wearing a GPS tracking device and after Barry with iPad in hand, encountering a stream, a few brambly ditches and a couple of barbed wire fences (scars to prove it!), he located Ted, enticed him back to the lure, and all came home safely. Lady and Kai, our other falcons, flew beautifully later in the afternoon despite the heat.

Bonnie and Pip, the new recruit owl chicks were a big hit with the show goers and we never tire of explaining that they may look like ‘ugly ducklings’ this week, but give it a fortnight and they will be more like swans!

Tomorrow is another day and the weather looks set to be even hotter. We will be there all day and flying display is approximately 2.15-3.15pm.

Please drop by and see us if you are visiting the SESHA show.

Don’t forget we will be at the Cowpie Rally next weekend, Sunday 13th May – Hope to see you there

Meet our two new recruits – Pip the Barn Owl and Bonnie the Tawny Owlpip websiteBonnie website

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  1. Hello, lovely to see you and all your great birds of prey @ Cowpie – how fab to watch them do their stuff, brillant job by all the team
    Thank you

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